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indiGO Volunteers works in collaboration with Help Refugees to coordinate volunteers for around 50 grassroots projects predominantly in Greece, but also in Serbia & Bosnia. We recognise that it is difficult to independently find a volunteer placement that makes the most of your time and experience, so we are bridging the gap for FREE! Our role is to match up the skills and availability of volunteers to grassroots projects that need them.

Once we receive your application and confirm your availability, we will be matching you with projects and you will be expected to volunteer. Whilst the work is voluntary, the commitment is real so please only apply if you are ready to make that commitment. The administration process is time-consuming so please help us help you :)


What are the basic requirements for volunteering through indiGO?

  • 18 years old +
  • available to start within the next 12 weeks*
  • available to volunteer for 2 weeks or more, or live locally and can work part-time


What’s the minimum time for volunteering?

  • Placements of 2 weeks are available, however to make the greatest impact on a project 1+ month is preferred. For the length of two weeks, volunteers would preferably have the following key skills:
    • Chef / Cooking
    • IT e.g. programming, tech support
    • Manual / Skilled Labourer e.g electrician, construction, plumber
    • Qualified Doctor
    • Qualified Dentist
    • Health Work e.g. nurse, paramedic, psychologist
    • Translation  (Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Greek or German)
  • Help Refugees in Calais will accept volunteers who want to commit for less than 2 weeks


Are there any desired skills or requirements?

  • Projects are looking for volunteers that are reliable, flexible and ethustistic about the cause. The following skills are especially high in demand, but not a necessity:  
    • Previous experience in the field
    • Managers / Coordinators (logistics or people)
    • Teachers (ideally TEFL qualified or similar)
    • Workshop/lesson leaders (kids activities, cooking, yoga, music, art etc…)
    • Health workers, qualified medics & dentists
    • Midwives
    • Translators (Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Greek or German)


What can I expect in terms of costs?

Whilst our service is for free, the projects we support work within the grassroot sector. This means that whilst on placement you will have to be self-funded, which includes flights, accommodation and food. Depending on where you will be based, we average around 80 euros a week excl. accommodation. Some projects offer subsidised accommodation, whilst others will require you to organise this yourself.


How do I apply to volunteer?

Anyone can register and we will do our best to find a placement, but we just cannot guarantee one. To apply to volunteer, simply complete the application form below.

Please fill out the application form as best you can, including as much information as possible about your skills, experience and qualifications. For us and the projects it is important to get an elaborate idea of who is applying, which will make the process easier and quicker to find you the right placement.

Application Form


Can I also volunteer in other countries?

If you are more flexible and would like to volunteer outside of this region, we recommend that you check out our other volunteering opportunities around the world! Please visit our indiGO volunteers website for more information. To apply, please complete our application form. Feel free to direct any further questions on these projects to