Want to volunteer, collaborate or donate to support refugees?

We are a coalition of independent volunteers, teams, and small organisations providing humanitarian aid to refugees in Northern Greece. We are based in and around Thessaloniki, where we contribute to efforts in around 20 refugee camps. Use the links below to find out more and check our urgent volunteer needs.

hand-and-hammer Volunteer

If you’re able to come to Northern Greece, there are often opportunities for medium and long-term volunteers. Get information about what the expectations of you will be, groups working in the region and apply to volunteer.



Are you an organisation or independent team considering coming to Northern Greece to commit to a long-term project, and do you want to collaborate with us? Fantastic. We have an ongoing list of identified needs, gaps and ideas for projects.



There are many items we urgently need. We also need resources to sustain volunteer teams long term and to improve vital infrastructure. If you want to help with funding and resources for these or any other projects you can donate to our partners and supporters.