How you can help with the refugee crisis in Greece, Serbia & Bosnia


It can be difficult to find out how you can help with the current refugee crisis. This website is designed to help connect people that would like to volunteer and show support, with grassroots projects responding to the crisis.

indiGO Volunteers works in collaboration with Help Refugees to coordinate and connect volunteers with more than 40 grassroots projects responding to the refugee crisis predominantly in Greece, but also in Serbia and Bosnia. Our role is to match up the skills and availability of independent volunteers to groups that need them.

We work with the incredible grassroots projects that are filling gaps in basic aid, running community centres, mobile medical support, social support, education, goods distribution, providing legal advice and so much more.

By connecting and coordinating volunteer placements it enables the grassroots projects to spend less time organising and looking for volunteers and more time helping people affected by the continued crisis.

Why are we here?

In March 2016, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia fully closed its border with Greece. Over 10,000 refugees were stranded at the border in Idomeni, Northern Greece, consequently forming a huge unofficial refugee camp. Volunteers and NGOs from across the world rushed to the scene to support those who were bottle-necked in northern Greece, in urgent need of medical care, information, food and clothing distribution, shelter, and wash facilities, amongst many other vital services.

In May 2016, Greek authorities commenced the eviction process of Idomeni ‘camp’, and the relocation of residents to almost 50 former military camps across the Greek mainland and islands. They were joined by those who arrived on the Greek islands before the EU-Turkey deal was instated. As of 30th January 2018, there are over 19,000 refugees registered within the camps and urban housing programs in Greece (including the mainland, islands, and UNHCR accommodation scheme). Shelter programs, NFIs, and other major services are managed and provided by the state in cooperation with UNHCR, EU and various other INGO’s. Meanwhile, grassroots organisations help to respond to the continuing needs and gaps in services, as the situation and demands continue to change. Two years on the gaps still need filling.

indiGO Volunteers partner with Help Refugees – a leading grassroots organisation focused on providing funding and humanitarian aid to refugees across Europe and the Middle East, to act as a single point of contact for volunteers to find out how they can help and to support the projects that need help finding volunteers. You can read more about Help Refugees on their website here >

Please be aware, the refugee situation in Greece and across the Mediterranean changes almost daily. The UNHCR website is a great resource for you to get the latest on the situation – view here >



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